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With increasing identity theft, identity verification has become essential to avoid any kind of fraud. Electricity bill is one of the most convenient and trusted proofs of the customer, especially in rural areas..

Electricity bills are used as an identity and address proof of an individual that helps to minimize the chances of frauds. It also provides other details like date of bill payment, pending bills, history of bill payment, etc. that helps to determine the individual’s capacity and responsibility of paying.

API Seva is one of the top API service provider company in India providing electricity bill payment API at economical rates. Our bill payment API allows a business correspondent to pay electricity bills, electricity bill verification services, checking the status of electricity bill payment, etc.

With the help of the most advanced technological innovations, we offer accurate electricity bill verification information by accessing the complete database.

Our special group of API techniques provides versatile electricity bill verification API that connects to a vast range of companies across the nation. Forgive the days when people need to stand in long queues to pay their bills. Now anyone can do your debts with the comfort of their home with the help of our API.

We at API Seva provide our online electricity bill payment API services in every state with ease for both customers and our clients. We always work for making our B2B and B2C clients happy and satisfied with our expert services.

API Seva likewise offer benefits report and shutting reports for straightforward business detailing under your fingertips. We likewise offer electricity bill payment API for third party integrations. We encourage online electricity bill payment for all the significant specialist co-ops.

Looking for a leading API provider? Contact API Seva! We provide various APIs at competitive rates with high commissions to our clients. Our APIs are easy to use and deliver a great user experience which ensures long-lasting business relationships. Reach Us Now!

How To Use Electricity Bill Verification API?
  • Enter the Service provider name and consumer ID to the portal
  • Enter the bill number and our Aadhaar API technology fetches the data from the Electricity Board database for verification
  • And your bill will be verified providing name, address, and other bill details.
Benefits Of Choosing Our Electricity Bill API
  • We provide a real-time update for all the payments and transactions done through our API.
  • We update our APIs regularly with the latest and trending technologies to ensure the amazing user experience.
  • 24*7 online live support via chat, calls or emails.
  • Instant ledger reports.
  • Best margin at lower investment.
  • Highly secured the latest security techniques to protect all your personal information from any fraudulent activity.
  • Provides instant operation transaction ID for all the transactions .

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